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We envisage a vibrant philanthropic ecosystem with diverse, influential, sustainable African civil society groups at the center. Our work contributes to this transformative vision by enabling:

1. Greater visibility of CSOs, showcasing their impact and examples of excellence to spur better performance.

2. Increased resources to accompany the CSO sector towards self regulation and higher performance standards.

3. Widespread communication to make CSOs more easily “discoverable” and help  to attract more funders for the sector, including among the growing African middle class.

4. More diversified and steady funding to help CSOs avoid the “one grant away from extinction” syndrome that is characteristic of the sector. This allows CSOs to become less transactional and enables long term transformational work.

5. Transparency and accountability, which increases local legitimacy and support, and weakens the basis that governments often use to limit civic space.

6. A resilient ecosystem, showcasing philanthropy's role in the continent’s well-being, and helping the African philanthropic sector to carve out influential space in critical debates about the continent’s future.